opening 07.09.23 🤹 18:30-21:30

BAW23 Special Night 07.10.23 🌌 17:00-21:00

07.09.23 - 07.11.23

Jennifer Geraldo

Thomas Grandi

Helmut Heiss

Lucas Herzig

Ingrid Hora

Heinz Mader

Sophia Mairer

Oriente Plazzi Marzotto

Ignacio Merino

Masatoshi Noguchi

Isa Schieche

Martin Schlögl

Tiberio Sorvillo

Alexander Wierer

curated by Maximilian Pellizzari & Leonardo Cuccia

By recontextualising the different meanings that 'play' can take on, the selection of works by local and international artists in the exhibition investigates cultural, social and political aspects that this very notion can take on in our society. Throughout the exhibition, the works emphasise the importance of maintaining an openness to the world and things around us, creating unexpected relationships to challenge our preconceptions and understanding of reality. play escapes intends to conceptually address the way in which play can take an authoritarian turn, while at the same time conceiving it as a possibility to break free from the impositions of use and meaning.

part of the program of BAW Bolzano Art Weeks 2023

play escapes 🪂
10:00 - 17:00